Our goal is to make functional glass art a staple in every well-respected contemporary art collection.

Duke Toasty

I started Masterlink Art Consulting in 2013 after quitting my 9-5 job and realizing there was a desperate need for professionalism in a counter-culture art medium I had been apart of as a collector since 2008; functional glass art. It was the perfect opportunity to unite my lifelong-love for the arts and passion for business.

As someone who watched this underground counter-culture movement start on internet forums such as Tokecity, I felt I had a solid grasp on not just the history to present day activities; but also projections for the future of the industry.

A future in which functional glass art is accepted and collected by the contemporary art world. A future in which artists can be proud to display their work in public without fear of marijuana stigma affecting the beauty of their art. A future in which a more enlightened, open-minded art collector can re-define the contemporary art movement of a generation.

Through editorials which aim to educate and discuss this new phenomenon, Gallery shows to present this incredibly medium to the art world, and Glass Art buying / selling consulting; Masterlink aims to bridge the gap between artists and collectors in the glass world.

Favourite Artists

Stormin’ Norman, MADSAKI, Buck Glass, Aleksandar Todorović, WJC

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Other Interests

Culinary Arts, Farming, Talent Dev, Fashion


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