Wook Cat

THE centrepiece of the 2023 Wook Show by none other than two absolute legends in the glass art world, WJC x Buck Glass. One a master of anatomically correct animal sculpture, the other wielding rainbows of colour into intricate patterns; whenever they collaborate the stars truly do align.

This Wook Cat is so vibrant in the crayon red body colour, perfectly adorned by sacred features drawn in glass and faceted by WJC all over. The giant, fully faceted sacred geometry laden tablet on the front, flower of life pattern diamond in its mouth, rainbow faceted eyes; the list goes on as far as work done. All of this is perfectly encapsulated by how well the piece functions, with a bent 2 hole diffuser at the perfect angle to diffuse the water down and to the side of the hammer bubbler body inside the skull.

This piece is something they could discover in 1000 years and be taken back by it, which I think really speaks to its calibre. An incredible vessel for elevating your thoughts.

Additional Information
  • Artists: Buck x WJC
  • Year: 2023
  • Category: Sold

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