Ideas VS Designs; Big Difference with Big Implications

Idea is defined as a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.

Design is defined as purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object.

This means that the idea of a Recycler; is a universal one in which water is getting recycled in the piece. Quave’s Klein Recycler, is his DESIGN on the idea of a recycler.

It also means that the idea of increasing Diffusion; is a universal one in which water gets separated into smaller bubbles to allow for a smoother hit. Mothership’s Faberge Egg, is their DESIGN on the idea of increasing Diffusion.

We'll let you decide for yourself who made what.
We’ll let you decide for yourself who made what.


I could keep listing the examples of the difference between idea and design, but I am hoping that people are starting to understand what this article is about to be about. Yes, I want to openly talk about artist’s that directly rip-off and copy other artists designs. NOT Ideas, which are broad concepts of something, but rather the direct designs.

It is not flattering, at all. I am beyond tired of hearing how flattered these artists are suppose to be that someone is making money off a design that they came up with and probably took years to come to. For years someone struggles and they finally invent an original design on an idea, only to have everyone copy them. Ultimately, other than voice their opinion publically, what can the original artist do? Not much, because it is in the hands of the consumers to show the rip-off artists that they will not stand for that.

We’ll let you decide for yourself who made what.


Whenever this topic gets brought up, the main argument I hear is that someone is making a more affordable version since the original has become very expensive due to its popularity and lack of demand. So they get that artist to make them a direct rip-off piece and they are happy. Rather than realizing that maybe right now they just need to appreciate that artists work, and keep working hard to make the money to get the real thing. It’s the equivalent of not being able to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, so you go to Canal Street and pick up a fake one. That shouldn’t satisfy your desire; it should leave you feeling cheated and cheap. The reason luxury items are praised and regarded highly is because of the hard nature of acquisition.

Yes, I said it; high price Functional Glass Art is a luxury item, IT IS ART. This means that not everyone needs a Picasso. Everyone can appreciate, strive for, and make goals for one, but ultimately not everyone gets one. It doesn’t mean you don’t get to participate, I collect canvas art but I definitely don’t have a Picasso, doesn’t mean I am about to get a local artist to copy a Picasso for me to get my fix of Surrealism.

We’ll let you decide for yourself who made what.


The glass industry has three levels, just like other industries. There are low, middle, and high-price tiers for everything: cars, shoes, clothes, houses, art, etc. But at no point does Ford go and make a car that looks EXACTLY like a Lamborghini, because Ford would be facing a lawsuit the next day. So why is it ok for the middle tier to directly rip off the high tier and have it be ok?! Because we as an industry have not started fully utilizing things like patents, while consumers are also allowing it by supporting the artists doing the ripping off.

The argument of patents will always be a tough one, as small alterations can always go around it. The thing we can focus on is educating the consumers about buying the real thing and realizing working for the piece is part of the journey of acquisition. Every time you can look at and use that piece you can think of what you had to do for it, all the hours you put in and how you came around to owning it, rather than just thinking well it’s good enough, not the real thing but good enough.

We’ll let you decide for yourself who made what.


You think spending $160 on a Quave Club banger VS a $40 one from Boro Books isn’t worth it? Great, that is your call, but do not support a Quartz option that is directly trying to steal the design and ultimately the work away from an American company. Go and buy a Halen Honey Hole, someone who looked at the Quartz material and gave it his own design.

Is $1234 too much for you to own a Shelbo goblin? That is fine, maybe right now you do not need some of Shelbo’s work. What you definitely don’t need to do is go and support a guy like Joe Tremblay who is directly stealing the DESIGN of Shelbos goblins. Sculpting glass is huge field of opportunities, stealing designs is not.

Hitman and Highly Educated recently launched a domeless Ti-nail with a little flip-able hat for a carb cap. Not just pretty cool, but a unique and new design. So when one of these other Ti companies rips off their design, don’t support it, cause ultimately it is in the consumer’s hands to stop people that rip off designs.

Support original designs, it encourages new ones!

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