AGE 2015 Video Re-Cap


It’s always an exhilarating feeling landing in Las Vegas, the bright lights that appear out of nowhere in the desert can’t help but get you excited. For the general public that excitement equates to gambling and heavy drinking, the excitement for us stems from another year of the American Glass Exposition!

The first morning of AGE was more hectic than ever with all the buyers piling up in front of the Artists Arena before it opened up. With the constant expansion of our amazing industry, you can imagine how there are more and more shops coming to pick up the best in American Made Functional Glass Art every year. With the expansion in buyers came an amazing expansion in exhibiting artists, the second Artist Arena area as well as the outside functional hall were constant reminders of how big the industry really is getting. For years AGE has occupied Alexis Park with comfort, but its getting tighter and tighter the bigger we get, not a bad thing at all!

Along with the expansion inside the main building, the hotel room exhibitors are getting bigger and bigger every year in terms of what is brought out! Rooms are entirely re-arranged to give buyers and sellers a comfortable environment for like-minded people. My favorite rooms year in and year out continue to be guys like D-nail who give you the option to test out their product on the spot, always a welcomed break when walking all day.

The team flame-off in the parking lot was absolutely mesmerizing to watch with all the different skilled artists participating! Big congratulations to Team Hitman (Coyle, Steve Bates, Bluegrass Glass, and Worm) on the win with their Glass Flamethrower!! This piece was the pinnacle of precision and perfection in order to function safely as a flamethrower; it was a true honor to see it.

We saw many incredible pieces while at AGE, including all the ones we talked about in preparation for AGE. The Functional glass art at AGE this year definitely did not disappoint, from the Milli section to the Prodo Hall to the Artist arena, everyone brought their best. When it comes to discussing glass art, we really believe photo and videos do the best job possible. With that said, we are pleased to announce we have just that for you! Some highlight coverage of the amazing American made Functional Glass art from AGE 2015!


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