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The idea of thought provoking interviews with glass artists has been on our mind for some time, and recently we had the chance to conduct an interview with Scott “Trikky” Saed. We hope to continue this series of interview articles as a means to give the consumer a look into the mind of the artists we all love and appreciate!

Scott made some great points, most notably for us is his comparison of the Graffiti / Street art industry and how it parallels our own so much. We are constantly making this comparison, and we also draw on the Graffiti / Street art industry as points of references when discussing glass art. It is refreshing to see more artists with foresight into the industry they are helping build! Please take a few moment and check out the Questions / Anwsers below.


When did you first start blowing glass and where did the spark come from?

I started blowing glass in March 2009. Before then, I was an admin for a big cannabis forum, and found the TokeCity forums through being into that scene. TokeCity had glass on it I had never even dreamed existed. I moved to Colorado the first time in 2008, and started buying heady glass from local shops and middle manning them to folks online who didn’t have access to the glass. It wasn’t very fulfilling, though. I saw an opportunity to start making pipes at a shop in California. I actually dropped out of college to go start making pipes, even without ever having seen a torch before. I knew without having even trying to blow glass that it was for me.

A collaborative dry hammer with @killabrazilla
Did you have an artist you particularly looked up to or took lessons from to learn your craft?

Absolutely. First and foremost is Eusheen Goines. He was kind enough to take me in with only 9 months of glass blowing under my belt and help me clean my work up enough to make a decent go of blowing glass for a living. There are TONS of other glass artist that have taught me things, taken me into their homes, and treated me like family. A few that come to mind are Banjo, Cowboy, and Darby.

As you progressed, what was the aim of your progression? Making more money VS learning new skills constantly.

My first love with glass has always been linework. I see infinite potential and I plan to continue to explore it.

A collaborative effort by Trikky and @borohustler


What are your thoughts and comments regarding the change from our industry from 2008 VS present day?

I always tell people that the glass industry today is NOTHING like it was 6 years ago when I started. But I also tell people that I 100% saw it going this direction. It’s part of the reason I thought it would be such an exciting industry to be a part of. Now that there is some real money in this industry, and a level of legality we never had before, we are starting to see some artists have the time, money, and equipment to truly bring some innovation we could never have anticipated. I for one am stoked!

Do you see functional glass art in the MOMA within 10 years? Explain why.

Absolutely. There is a unique parallel between Graffiti and Street Art and the pipe making culture. People are waking up to the hypocrisy of every day life in our current society. They see the “establishment” turned on its head when they see our art. More and more people are being turned on to the power of art that challenges the norm, and if museums want to continue to be on the forefront of art movements, they’ll be forced to accept it.

A group of pendants showcasing Trikky’s linework
Which piece are you most proud of that you were involved in? Would you consider it of caliber to go in a museum?

The only piece I was even remotely involved in that I would consider of SOMEWHAT museum quality is a “Cycle” I did with Banjo in 2010. I did the tube pull and linework, and he assembled it into one of his classic motorcycles. I believe it was sold to Humboldt Glassworks.

What is the future for Trikky Glass? Any big collaborations or shows on the horizon?

Right now I’m working on developing a few unique forms of pipes that can be recognized iconically as glass made by me. I am also exploring the depths of linework, as I mentioned earlier. I hope to be bringing some new styles in the second half of 2015.


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