DFO 2015; Still the Premier Glass Industry Event!

Every year more and more industry events / shows are happening in the glass industry, and every year the bar is getting raised for who does it best! Year in and year out our favorite event is still the Degenerate Flame Off hosted by Cornerstone Glass.

AKM and Ben Burton’s amazing entry


As the name suggests, the event itself is centered around a Flame Off with artists / shops / supply companies / etc. all setting up booths on the Cornerstone Glass compound. The vibe at DFO is like no other event, and I firmly believe that stems from the event not being centered on sales. Since people know that sales is not the main attraction, they don’t come with the expectation to be pressured into buying glass and exhibitors don’t come with the expectation that they will have a crazy time at their booth.  This also has a huge play in keeping things like piss test companies and incense companies away from DFO (WOOOOO!). The attitude and demeanor is much more relaxed and focuses on the love of glass while hanging out with like-minded individuals. It’s a beautiful atmosphere and event to experience!

Buck Glass & Cowboy Glass winning piece! Creative & Technical

This year’s flame off was one for the books with a totally new format being introduced; the competitors were in teams of two and had one 10-hour session to get their piece done. Daunting to say the least! The results were ten times more impressive than what anyone could have imagined, we have included some photos above for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of the Cornerstone Glass website. As with any Flame Off, a winner had to be picked. DFO had a Peoples Choice award and a Creative & Technical Award. This year the people’s choice went to Sagan and Robin Hood Glass with their very impressive Satellite! The Creative & Technical Award went to Buck Glass and Cowboy Glass with an INSANE Saber tooth Chainsaw creation! All the competing and demoing artists did an incredible job, our hats off to you as always!

Robin Hood Glass & Sagan Glass winning piece. People’s Choice.


As always a big kudos to my boy Alex Ubatuba for bring the Radiant Offering sculpture all the way from Colorado, he drove it to Eugene so that everyone can enjoy his amazing creation, truly for the love of boro! If you ever get the chance to support Alex through his art, make sure you do because not only is his glass beautiful, you are helping fund something much bigger! He embodies and lives what it means to be an artist, show that boy some love.

Joe P and Elbo also threw down hard with their entry


We had a booth set-up with the boys from Boro Brothers, if you came by and said what up we really appreciate it! Your support means the world to us, truly thank you. To all the artists that trusted us to represent their work properly at the event, a big thank you for that, we feel we did a good job and cant wait to improve for next year!

Much love to everyone and until next time Eugene!

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